Don’t Lose Patience, Rest In Him !!!!!!

Great post and I agree—we are an impatient people. Faith and Trust are the key words we should keep in mind instead of being the impatient humans that we are.

Levi's Daily Thoughts

Americans are very impatient people, myself included. For the last few generations we have become very spoiled compared to the rest of the world. When we want something we usually go purchase it, whether we can afford it or not. This is one reason why many American families are only one weeks paycheck away from bankruptcy.

This type of mentality has spilled over into our spiritual lives as well. We want to be spiritual giants within months after the Lord saves us. We look for our super speedy spiritual growth to come from the best new teachings and insights, and attending great conferences and supercharged meetings; we read all of the Christian self-help books that hopefully will transform us into a brand new person that is useful to God.
When we learn that our sanctification doesn’t happen suddenly, but over a life-time, we sometimes become discouraged. I love to read…

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