Healing with love

Good advice on living a much more peaceful and happy life! There is definitely something about helping others and taking the focus off of ourselves that goes a long way in making us realize how wonderful life is! Life isn’t all about us individually—it’s about helping and being kind and compassionate to others; making ourselves aware that regardless of our status in life, we are all the same! there is not one who is better than another. (my comment on this simple but wonderfully true post! I encourage others to read the full post. 🙂

Secrets of Happiness


It doesn’t cost a penny to spread kindness, compassion and love and the fruits of that are priceless!

May you overcome all the barriers in your mind and may you have enough courage to make the first step towards your emotional and spiritual healing and the healing of your relationships with others. Seek for an opportunity to do good and make this World a loving place for you and those around you.


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