The American Flag: 13 Folds of Honor

Very interesting information on the reasons for each of the folds in the flag presented to the family after the death of a military man or woman. I never knew the specific meanings before. I encourage you to read it.

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Photo Credit: Beverly & Pack via CC Flickr Photo Credit: Beverly & Pack via CC Flickr

The history, rituals, and the customs of the United States Military has always fascinated and intrigues me. I hold in highest esteem and respect, all people who has sacrificed their time and/or their lives for their country.

A military tradition that has always been deeply moving to me, is watching the person of a fallen spouse or child, receive the folded American flag during a funeral ceremony.

I often wondered the story behind the folded flag. Why is it folded in that particular manner? What does each fold represent? What is the history behind it?

I recently read a short article on the internet site, Folds of Honor, which answered my questions. It is for this reason that I thought that this would be a great article to share with you. I hope that this story will enlighten and encourage your…

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3 thoughts on “The American Flag: 13 Folds of Honor

  1. Ironically I visited the Veterans Museum here in Daytona recently and they went through the process of the flag folding and the meaning behind it, I am so glad to see this posted here, wonderful article.

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