When carbs go bad!

In order to make myself more accountable,  I decided to post this comment and cartoon on my blog and also on my Facebook page!


When carbs go bad! Made a pact with myself to lessen the amount of “bad” carbs I eat. I love breads, pasta, etc. but they do not love me, hence gaining back some of the 60 lbs that I lost last year. Very disappointed in myself. Saw this cartoon today that made me giggle but also motivated me at the same time. Also, based on a comment a friend made of something she did today, I googled 20 lbs of fat! oh yuck! that nasty stuff is part of my body? ewwwww Here goes with a new start to getting back on track!

11 thoughts on “When carbs go bad!

      • Good girl!!! Now go and sweat it out. Lol. I received the neatest gift for Christmas. It’s called a Fitbit. It is a band that goes around your wrist and it measures your steps, miles, calories burned, how long you sleep and the quality of it and you can read it on your phone, computer, iPad, iPod, etc. it’s the most helpful thing. I don’t need or want to lose weight but measure my steps and sleep. I had never heard of these before I received it. Anyway, remember that good food while working out. Lol. Enjoy your day!!! Shalom.

  1. That’s quite funny Elaine. I put on 2kg over Christmas due to eating carbs and sugar that I don’t normally have in my daily diet. Hoping that going back to my regular habits will kick that extra weight as quick as it piled on. lol

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