Merry Month of May!

month-of-may-flowersWelcome to the merry month of May, my very favorite month of the year!   Why, you ask?  Well I suppose because I was born in May.  Of course,May brings Mother’s day when we honor our mothers, grandmothers, our daughters who are mothers, and mothers everywhere!   Sadly some of our mothers have been called home by God, so we no longer can celebrate the day with them; however we still can honor them in our hearts.

For those of us who live up north, May really shows us that Spring is here!   The weather is warmer (usually) and the trees are budding, the flowers are starting to bloom. We begin to catch up with our neighbors in the southern states who are already enjoying the blessings of Spring.

We, of course, cannot forget that May is the month in which we honor our fallen soldiers who gave the ultimate gift for our freedom and our veterans of many wars who survived the wars but have now been called home to be with our Lord.  May we never forget them!   May we honor them every day of our lives, not just on Memorial Day!

So, in short, welcome to the beautiful month of May!   Enjoy all the gifts and blessings God shows us in this beautiful month and in all the other days as well!

18 thoughts on “Merry Month of May!

    • Thank you Sheri! I will enjoy both days–on the same day this year lol My birthday is on Mother’s day this year.Glad you are enjoying the garden! 🙂

  1. After living in the south for a few years, I decided that we northerners truly celebrate the coming of spring much more than the southerners (where spring has been blooming since the end of February!) My favorite thing to do is to have a First Day of Spring Party! Granted, in March it still feels like winter, but having a party gives us hope that the blooms are not far off! And now that May is here, the world looks like spring, and the work of the garden is calling! 🙂 Happy May to you! 🙂

    • Any reason for a party is good!/ well, almost anyway. Enjoy your garden! I’m enjoying the lovely warm sunshine today. Relaxing outdoors with hand sewing and iced tea. Praise the Lord for days like this!

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  3. I’m a May baby too. Did ya notice that the prettiest pictures on wall calendars are often the ones for the month of May? Yeee! Have a blessed weekend!

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