Stop praying for strength!

Good thing to think about.

365 Days Later

I pray it a lot. “Lord give me the strength to get through this week, to endure this temptation, to sustain this whatever it is that I’m dealing with.” I got a pretty clear message from God tonight: Cut it out. Stop praying for strength.

This is not an all out declaration that no one should ever pray for strength, or even that I should never again pray for strength. But for me, right now, I don’t need to be praying for strength. I need to be USING the strength that God has already given me. I am using my prayers for strength as a crutch to avoid going and doing the very things that God has given me strength to do.

So today, in my current season in life, I need to stop praying for strength. Because the strength I seek has already been given to me. I keep…

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