A wonderful program I had not been familiar with. I’m praying about it to see if the Lord would have me take part in this if I am able. Our veterans hold a special place in my heart.

Sheri Lawrence de Grom

Veterans – 2015
by – Sheri de Grom

A veteran, possibly in your community, needs your help.

Veteran Affairs coordinates volunteers in their No Veteran Dies Alone (NVDA) program.


Their mission is that no veteran will die alone.

We promise to take care of all veterans during life and in death. Many believe the ‘death’ portion of the promise refers to the burial benefits to which a veteran is entitled.

The NVDA volunteer program is an extension of the VA Hospice or Palliative Care Programs. For a veteran to qualify for the volunteer program he/she must participate in the VA Hospice or Palliative Care Program.

Many VA Hospitals lack sufficient bed space and comfort for this end-of-life population and the veterans are placed in community nursing homes where Hospice care is available. In many cases the care is available from their homes.

Often our…

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3 thoughts on “OUR VETERANS NEED YOU

  1. Perhaps one can say care for our veterans have spiraled downwards through the years but I believe that the spiraling has worsened exponentially in recent years. One bit of evidence lies in the funerals for our vets – 21 gun salutes have all but disappeared, for example. Missing man formations are flown by citizen pilots… My neighbor, Old Man Jack who fought in the SWP during WWII… all he rated at his funeral was a electronic version of Taps… Veterans deserve the best; our country is obliged to do so.

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