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I’ve Decided–today I will smile!

The above quote has a great deal of meaning to me because a dear friend sent it to me about a year ago, hoping to  cheer me up, make me smile again, and wipe away my tears.  I saved it and, in fact, printed it out and had it on my bulletin board for a while as a reminder to never let my smile get away from me because of the actions or words of someone else.  I’ve never forgotten it and recently I came across it again while going through some desk drawers.   It has been constantly on my mind since I rediscovered it and it has haunted me.   Why?  I’m sure sometimes that I know why.  Other times I am not so sure.

When my friend sent it to me, it did have the affect he had hoped for.  It did make me smile and obviously since I have never forgotten it, it has continued to do what it was meant to do.   When I find myself downhearted, unhappy, sure that I’m not good enough because things are not going exactly the way I want them to or relationships with others are not what I think they should be,  I think about this quote and it pushes me back into “real thinking”!

My life is not perfect nor is anyone else’s life perfect.  However I can choose to make my life a negative experience or a positive experience.  If I think in negative terms, my life will be exactly that–filled with negative experiences.  I know people who seem to begin each day with comments like “Today is just going to be another bad or miserable or awful (you fill in the blank) day.   At the end of the day those very people wonder why everything seemed to go wrong with their day.   I believe they call it a self-fulfilled prophesy, don’t they?

Now if I decide each day is a new beginning and that my day will be a good one, despite what transpires, at the end of the day I will be feeling a lot more positive and able to smile and tell myself that even if the day was not perfect, it was still good.  My day was not a failure because the only failure is in not doing anything.  Starting my day with a positive thought of its outcome keeps me from giving up and doing nothing.  It keeps me motivated to do my very best or certainly pushes me in the right direction.

Of course I have to be realistic about it.  There may be someone or more than one someone who will say or do something that disappoints me or makes me feel bad, unloved, unwanted.  Should I let that totally ruin my day because they think differently of me than I would want them to?  It’s very hard not to react in that way but think about it.  Who of us always likes everyone, can give everyone what they need or want in this life?  None of us!  So why should I feel like it is the end of my world when someone does not give me what I wish or does not feel the way I would want them to?  Is it the most awful thing that could happen to me?  Unfortunate perhaps, but definitely not awful; not even close to awful!  It’s all in how I choose to react to any given circumstance.  I have decided to do my best to react in a positive way and to keep my smile.

To my friend who helped me see the light and encouraged me to keep my smile, I thank you!  I appreciate you!

What road do you want to travel on?


A positive mind strengthens itself .  A negative mind strengthens its barriers.  unknown author

I came across the above quote this morning on the internet and it started me thinking about the two choices we have of the roads we choose to travel;  the road of negativity or positivity.    Which one do you choose?

It is so easy sometimes to choose the negative road.  We start out our day by saying ” Well it will probably be just another bad day!  Nothing ever goes right in my life!”    I know of a few people who begin each day of their lives with this self-defeating prophesy.  I’ve done it myself as well from time to time.  At the end of the day we can often see that we were right — it was a bad day!  Why?  Because we decided it would be before the day ever began.  I dislike it when I take that attitude and definitely prefer not to be around others who do as well.
Our other option is to start out our day on a positive basis.   Include the Lord in our life every day.  Psalms 118:24 This [is] the day [which] the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.  A great verse to remember each day.  Does it mean that our day will be perfect? that nothing will go wrong and we will get all we wish for?  No, life is not perfect and we don’t get everything we want, but do we increase our chances of a better day?  Can we feel a lot better at the end of the day about even those things that don’t turn out quite the way we want them to?  Yes, I believe that.   Certainly, if we start out our day trusting in God and knowing He is in control at all times, our chances of a positive day are increased in great  measure!

We should try to remind ourselves daily that as he says in Matthew 19:26,   ‘with God all things are possible’.     I wish you a wonderfully positive day, every day!    May you always view your glass as being half full or more, not half empty or less.

Have a great day!