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The Joy and Benefits in Losing Weight


Just about 13 months ago, I embarked on a mission to lose a large amount of weight and get healthier.   I have been trying to do this for decades, trying many different fad diets, etc,  I would lose 10 lbs or so and very quickly gain it back, getting more and more discouraged over the years.

Last year, right after I turned 66 years old and was semi-retired, I made up my mind that once and for all I was going to lose this weight if it killed me–not literally, lol.     Over the past year I am proud to say that I have lost a total of 57 lbs so far.   I started out with a couple of different goals.  The first was to lose 50 lbs by my 67th birthday–I made that goal 2 weeks before my birthday which was on May 10th.  Secondly I chose two weight goals; one realistic one that I should be able to reach and then one 15 lbs lighter that is what I apparently should weigh according to the charts.  I am happy to say that I am only 1 lb away from reaching the realistic goal and 16 lbs from the the lighter weight!

How did I do it after decades of trying unsuccessfully?   First I prayed and gave it to God, just as I did when I quit smoking.  I asked Him to provide me the encouragement to keep at it.  Second, I started watching portion sizes, cut back on my carb intake and also substituted unhealthy carbs with healthy carbs.   A lot of vegetables of all varieties  and of course my proper amount of proteins from many different sources and I took a multivitamin every day. Basically I was loosely following the diabetic diet.   In addition I have been making sure I get enough water intake the last few months at the suggestion of a friend.  Yes, it is true that eight 8-oz. glasses of water is what we all need daily and I have found it is not as hard to do that as I thought.

The outcome of all of this has been beyond what I expected!   God gave me the encouragement by way of placing many people on my path who were cheering me on, motivating me and making suggestions on exercise, another friend who took the time to go over all of my medications and their side effects, etc. and make suggestions. On his advice I took all my medications first to my pharmacist to review for possible negative interactions, etc.  The pharmacist was pretty much in agreement with my friend.  I then took all the information to my doctor and she spent a great deal of time going over all the suggestions and also was in agreement with the suggestions.

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with type II diabetes–my blood sugars are now within the normal range so a medication for that was cut back to just a preventive dose.  One of my heart medications had been increased to help with another issue besides the heart disease, 6 months ago that dose was cut in half because  the other issue resolved itself with the weight loss and exercise, and just this week it was cut in half again to a lower dose than I have taken in over 20 years!  And for the past 6 months my cholesterol values are well within normal range, enough so that my medication for that was first cut in half and now has been eliminated altogether.   Hallellulia!!

One of the suggestions made by my friend and approved by my doctor was to have a Vitamin D test done.  That was done and as he suspected, I do I have a deficiency so I have added a Vitamin D tablet to my regimen.  With the addition of the Vitamin D there should soon be some other noticeable changes as well.

I know this sounds kind of boring  but I shared it with you so you can see what wonderful changes take place with the alterations in eating habits, loss of weight and more exercise!  The changes so far are amazing! It is so exciting and, in fact, it is a wonderful feeling when my kids say to me–“Mom I have never seen you this size ever!” and they are right, they never have!
I know I should have taken all these steps many years ago but it is NEVER TOO LATE!   At age 67 I am back to where I was when I started high school!

I encourage everyone who is trying to lose weight and get healthier to keep up the good work!   I am here for you 100% to encourage you and help you move forward.  I thank everyone who played a role in keeping me on the right path and who are still keeping me there.   I thank God for placing all these angels on earth on my path as I journeyed to my goals.   I couldn’t have done it otherwise!!!! I hope within a few days to lose that last pound to make it to my first goal and hopefully  fairly soon to be able to report I made my final goal as well!