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Just a quick hello from the missing blogger!

Hello everyone! Just thought I would check in after a week of not posting anything, just to let you know that yes, I am still alive and kicking! Haven’t had much time for reading and commenting in the past week either.

So what have I been up to??? Well my pat answer to that question is usually a silly one—about 5 feet one inch, lol. But besides that, I have had a fun week! One of my sisters came to visit from another state for a week and we have been having the best time doing things together that we have in common and catching up with family news, etc.

She and I are both quilters and we spent two days this week in Madison WI at a Quilt Expo. What a great time we had! We walked and shopped and looked at beautiful quilts made by many very talented quilters, until our feet were screaming and our credit cards were screaming even louder! lol

It is amazing how much talent is out there and how creative quilters can be! It is definitely a great motivation to get back to quilting and sewing and challenging ourselves to try new techniques perhaps and of course, getting back to work on unfinished objects (UFO’s). We learned a new acronym for UFO’s that gives us all a lovely new and impressive title to add to our names! PhD! We all have PhD’s that we have earned honestly! Projects half Done! Yes, I have earned that title many times over!

Or how about 401F? We know that 401K’s are money for retirement but do you know what a 401F is? 401F –Fabric for retirement! or a really funny one F.A.R.T. which is a Fabric Acquisition Road Trip! We spent lots of time adding to our STASH (Special Treasures All Secretly Hidden) to add to our SABLE ( Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy)!

We have also been doing lots of sight-seeing, eating out, visiting with others and more shopping. Famous last words every time we go into a quilt shop –I’m not buying any more fabric! That is, until we get to the next quilt shop/fabric store! Monday is our last day of vacation and how will we spend it? Sewing, of course, and resting our poor feet!

It is such fun to get together with sisters. Having a sister is a special gift from God.   Thanks for a fun week, Sis!!!

See you all again in a couple of days! Hope everyone is having as much fun in their life as I am!