God’s Most Notable Attribute

Great food for thought! Restraint is not a word I would have thought of, at least not my first thought of God’s greatest attribute.

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I originally ran this post back on August 16, 2013, yet I thought that it may be of interest to you again today, particularly since so many of you weren’t readers of this blog back then. This is a critical point in understanding Scripture, a point that is well worth reconsidering every so often, so here goes. I hope you find re-examining it as useful as I have…

I used to ask seminary students this question, “What is God’s most notable attribute from the ancient Hebrew point of view?”

Nobody ever got it right the first time around!

I got answers that contained wonderful divine attributes and these always included love, mercy, kindness and the sharper ones would chime in with faithfulness.  But theologically speaking, these are all subcategories of the one I was looking for.

To the Hebrew, God’s most notable attribute is restraint.

Without restraint, God (and man, for…

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