A completed project — Finally!

0914142306aLove the feeling of completing a project started quite a while ago.  As my kids and granddaughters know, this quilt is to be set aside to be given to my first great grandchild when or if either of my granddaughters chooses to add a new member to the family.  Someone reminded me that now I need to make a 2nd baby quilt as well, since I have two granddaughters!   The fabric for this one is from the old Dick, Jane and Sally books that many of us learned to read with in school!  Fond memories!

What fun it is to be back to quilting and sewing again!  For a couple of years, I had set aside my quilting and sewing pretty much.  Depression and working my way out of it has a way of doing that to a body!   Thankful for the Lord placing some good motivators in my path to work my way back to enjoying life and being content with my life!

22 thoughts on “A completed project — Finally!

  1. Such a treasure. My Grandmother made quilts for each of her Grandchildren. I know we enjoyed them for a long time.

    This is such a beautiful way for you to connect to the next /following generations. Nicely done too. 🙂

    • Thank you Dave! I like making things for others to show my love for them. Quilts especially are a reminder that they are being hugged by the quilter even when they are not with the person.

  2. Very cute. My wife just finished her 2nd Sat. We are to have 2 great grand kids suppose to be born 6 days apart in early Oct. Since you don’t have any I’ll let you buy some Christmas presents for mine if it will make you feel better. Lol. You never know when you may have one. It could be real soon. Hopefully for you. 😀

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