Sunny Side Up!


Found this hint on the Fitbit website this morning.  Not sure if it works but it sure is worth checking out, especially on the beautiful sunny day we are having here today! 

I’m having fun with wearing a Fitbit Flex to record how many steps I take, levels of exercise, calories burned, etc, and even the quality of sleep I get each night.   Along with it I am using the free App My Fitness Plan to record what I eat each day. Purpose of it, of course is to better monitor these things and determine where I need to make changes and to motivate myself.  After losing a lot of weight (almost 60 lbs) I slacked off, especially on the exercise, when my knee began to worsen, bringing me to have surgery to replace it.  In the process of all that I sadly gained back some of what I had lost.  It is well past time to be getting back on track with diet, exercise and hopefully improving my poor sleeping. I was surprised to learn that I wake up more times during the night or am restless more times than I thought I was! 

This thing showed me definitively what I already knew–that I needed to get back to good exercising so I recently joined the local recreation center in my town.  Nice to be able to now use the treadmill and/or elliptical machines and I look forward to exercising in the swimming pool and perhaps trying out some water aerobics classes!   

Praying daily for God to give me strength and guide me through this process.  I know from experience if I don’t put it in His very capable hands, I set myself up for failure every time!   Thank you Lord for being my biggest encourager by placing people and circumstances in my path to  get and keep me motivated! 

10 thoughts on “Sunny Side Up!

  1. This type of program can be beneficial. I don’t monitor anything but my steps. A pedometer is a great motivator to me. It is shocking both how many, and how few steps a person can walk in a day. I have some days I walk 15-20 miles. Good luck, even though I don’t believe in luck. Lol. 😀

  2. I love using my Jawbone UP to monitor my steps. I am trying for the 10,000 a day. I love that it records the other things I do, too. You know I love MFP… is a wonderful way to keep track of all I consume. 🙂 I am so glad we are doing it together there. I am starting up the food blog soon, so I will have some great recipes for us once again, Elaine! Can’t wait to come there someday and cook together. Big hugs!

  3. You are not alone! I am failing miserably on getting to 10,000 as well. Have to push myself harder. The only time I made it and went over actually was the day I moved to my new place! Looking forward to your food blog posts! Yes it would be fun to cook together for sure. We keep saying it but we indeed need to make a plan for one of us to visit the other! I am very proud of what you are accomplishing Skye! I need to be more consciously making good food decisions and moving about more!

    • We will….my health issues got in the way of many things….plans, writing, life, etc., but I am on the mend. It is amazing how eating the right foods and putting yourself first even just a bit can begin to change the cycles. I thought my kids would feel slighted with how much time I need to plan meals for myself now and the exercises I need to do to begin to heal, but instead, they are joining in 100%. They love it all.

      Yes, we need to make a plan. As soon as I am up to travel, I would love to take the drive. The trip to PA the other day was pretty rough on me……even though I had a decadently great time…..We will figure out something.

      I am so excited to begin posting the new recipes I have come up with or found. Not sure they will be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is therapeutic for me. Glad you will be there. Love you!!

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