“Just Write” ?? Really?

I read a post tonight written by A Opinionated Man entitled Just Write.  http://aopinionatedman.com/2014/08/19/just-write/

Jason commented in his post the following  “I simply write when I feel like writing and I feel like writing all the time.”  As I read his words, I couldn’t help but think how much I like to write and feel like writing all the time too but the difference is that I am never sure what to write about that others might find interesting or enlightening.  Of course that is my lack of self-esteem speaking; or is it my ego that doesn’t want to be crushed if nobody likes what I write?  

“Just Write” says Jason. “Don’t think so hard about it”    Sounds like good advice to me!   There are many things I think about in the course of my days as I go about my daily activities, whether it be the  Bible study I am participating in or something I have read in a devotional or my Bible.  Sometimes it is about the current state of our country, our world, politics.  I think about the things I would like to get accomplished in my life now that I am pretty much settled in after my move.  There are many more things I could add to that list.   Any one of them I could be writing about and there may be somebody who can relate to my thoughts and ideas. 

Okay, I think I need to pay heed to what Jason wrote in his post and challenge myself to write something every day.  I almost added the words “if possible” but decided that I was already setting myself up to come up with excuses to not write–Defeats the whole purpose of my challenge!  (yes, I am good at that!)

I’m just going to put it into the Lord’s capable hands.  Whenever I ask, He is more than happy to lead  and guide me and give me the words to share with others.  He is there for each and every one of us, if we but ask!   So here goes, Lord!  It’s you and me, on a quest to write almost every day.  I cannot do it without you! 

Thank you also, Jason, for your motivating words. 


34 thoughts on ““Just Write” ?? Really?

  1. Writing, first and foremost, should be for your enjoyment. If others read your writing and find it engaging, that should increase and inspire your enjoyment, but quite honestly, their acceptance shouldn’t necessarily be required. Then again, you might be surprised what some people enjoy reading about. Something you feel is ‘bleh’, someone else may be grateful that you took the effort.

    You are involved in Bible Study. Think about people that can’t, or won’t, leave the house. Your words might inspire them to greater faith. You just never know, that is why you must write for yourself first. 🙂

  2. Whether you write one sentence or a whole story, it doesn’t matter. Just write, something, anything. Doesn’t matter. This too I have a lot of trouble with. I have so much going on in life and I’ve always had a motivation problem but I have challenged myself to write everyday too. I also read everyday now too which seems to be helping a lot. I know life gets in the way but if writing is your pleasure, your passion, then make time for it.

  3. Hi Elaine,
    Reading your post, I thought, “Jason? Who’s Jason?” Oh right, OM has a given name :). I agree with everyone else: write for yourself and write whatever you want to write. The blogosphere is populated by the millions. Your readers are there. If it happens that someone doesn’t like what you write, there will be another person who will. Mostly though, write for the joy of it: jump in! -Danica

  4. you can do it! No matter how much or how little writing is writing! Even if no one but yourself see’s it it’s still a cathartic experience! Keep it up!

  5. I’ve been reading a lot of the (free) writing guides available on my Kindle recently – very interesting, and with one early pervasive theme: practice, practice, practice. So begin to write, and see where it takes you. I highly recommend the writing challenges which are out there on other bloggers’ sites as well. In the last month I have started participating in a haiku challenge and a short story challenge – they are great fun, and a good way to ‘meet’ other bloggers and see what and how they write.

  6. I had the same feeling when I decided to join wordpress. I was unsure about what subject should I focus on and how would I convey it. English is not my native tongue, so that itself brought discouragement to me. But I realized, we only learn by TRIAL and ERROR, learning it little by little did a lot for me. All were and still are good stuff 🙂 . From my experience, I started by just expressing myself of what I like to read as a reader 🙂

    • Thanks! That is exactly how I started. Just wanted to learn more about the blogging process, share things I think about, particularly my walk with the Lord and just have fun. For quite a while I wrote a lot but of late, partly because of a busy time in my life, I have felt like the words have disappeared! Then I start telling myself I have to write better, maybe it really isnt for me to do, etc. lol

  7. Elaine you are such an inspiration and thank you for your post. It was a reminder for me that if we just write to please others it then becomes a performance, and to allow our authentic selves to shine. I write to explore and deepen my relationship with God. I read what others write for inspiration. I would love to hear what you would like to accomplish now that you are settled in your new home. Blessings ~ Amen :Y

    • Thank you! I, too, got started writing to deepen my walk with and to journal my progress with my relationship with the Lord but of late with moving and all I got away from writing and felt like I had writer’s block. I hope to change that and hence the challenge I gave myself. My other accomplishments are to be more active than I have been since before my surgery on my knee, hence I have joined the local rec center so I have a place to work out, and lastly to get more motivated and back to my quilting. Lots of UFO’s (unfinished objects!)

      • Sounds like you have been very active ~ I look forward to reading about the things that inspire you. We have a Quilting Guild in our area ~ now that is a fine art ~ indeed !

  8. Ah Elaine, thank you. It is my dilemma as well. I need to, want to, have to write. But when it comes down to sharing my thoughts in a “public” space I dry up. Self doubt? Lack of courage? I agree – without giving it to the Lord there is NO WAY! If I rely on my self, I implode or fizzle.
    Blessings! – Peggy

    • You’re welcome and thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post! I appreciate it very much. As many have said to me, write for yourelf and the readers will come. 🙂

  9. Oh Elaine, I know just how you feel. My head is sometimes filled with words but when I pick up the pen or put my fingers on the keyboard, they all disappear.

  10. Elaine – I’m so glad I read your blog tonight. Actually it’s in the wee hours of the morning and I have insomnia. In other words, I’m worrying about Tom’s health although, like your writing, his health is in the Lord’s hands and I’ve asked for His will to be done. It’s hard not to have an answer but then what if I received an immediate answer and it were shattering news? I wouldn’t want that. I must leave all outcomes up to the Lord and trust in His divine outcome. Great post, Elaine and nicely said.

  11. Sheri! What a blessing you are to my day! That you would read this post that I wrote almost a year ago and get a blessing from it now is amazing! The Lord truly does not ever stop working in each of our lives, leading us to through our lives. How lucky we are to be loved by our Father in heaven! I hope you have now gotten some rest and I pray with you for the Lord’s will in your life and in Tom’s. HUGS!!

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