I love You~I also may be Smart Heart Smart Loving You

I believe we all have those people in our lives who we love but who have hurt us, but regardless we still love them because God says we should love thy neighbor. I like these words from Michelle that we love smarter and wanted to share it with you all. Thanks for this post Michelle Marie!

Tell Me About It

Iloveyou Art by MichelleMarie

I believe the hardest choice to make is how we respond to adversity. How we respond to the unlovable?
Those in my life that don’t realize the affect they have on me. There are those that are selfish, mean spirited, rude, just down right unfriendly. Those that are beloved in my life, it’s hard to respond in love when they have hurt me. How do I love someone that continually crosses my boundaries, tests my faith, makes me wonder why I love them? I choose to respond with a Smart Heart, to Smart Love them.

We are never told to love blindly, we are told to love with patience, endurance, long suffering…but never blindly. Loving with a Smart Heart,Smart Lovedoesn’t push the person away but a Smart Heart,Smart Love knows when to reel it in and dial it down a few notches and…

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