I Survived Moving Day!

Well, it has certainly been a very very long day but a great one! With the help of my awesome family and my awesome church family, We were able to move every thing out of the old apartment, finish cleaning it up and unloading at the new apartment by noon, including unpacking some of the boxes and arranging furniture, etc. before going to the church for a wonderful lunch provided by some of the ladies in the church!  Later a few ladies came back to even unpack more stuff and put it away!  What a wonderful blessing they all are!  Praising God for every part of the day and for all the friends involved in it.  

So now it’s off to bed finally!  Good night all.   Hope to be back blogging soon!  Have a happy and blessed Lord’s Day!


9009787-man-running-with-several-boxes-in-the-backThis is pretty close to what the guys looked like this morning!  What a fast moving, strong bunch they are!  If you aren’t careful, these guys will run you over! 






17 thoughts on “I Survived Moving Day!

  1. Oh, dear friend….I am so glad the move went smoothly. I pray your settling in goes well, too. I know it will. Cannot wait to visit you in your new home…..we need to make a plan!!

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