No I haven’t disappeared!

Just popping in to tell you all that other than trying to read a few blog posts as time permits, but very little writing, I have not really fallen off the earth.  Really!  I haven’t! 

I’m in the process of packing up for a move to a new apartment in a different town nearby so I have been kept pretty busy!    Moving day is coming up on July 26 , then I have to at least get the basic necessities done with settling in. 

I will be following as many blogs as I can so pelase do not think you are being ignored–you’re not!   Miss you all!   Have a blessed week!  Love you my friends! 


Elaine patiotable

22 thoughts on “No I haven’t disappeared!

  1. Moving.. I’m told it’s the third most stressful experience a human can endure. Having ‘moved’ MANY times in my life, there is NO DOUBT in my mind..!!
    God be with you Elaine..
    May He Bless your new home abundantly with much happiness

  2. Will be looking forward to hearing about your new surroundings ~ always bittersweet ~ leaving the old and embracing the new ~ but, refreshing to the soul with new sights, sounds, and experiences ~ Amen :Y

  3. Amen! this is a great blessing! May He go before you into the new apartment. May the apartment be surrounded by His protection, love, grace, favor and wisdom. May this be the beginning of greater blessing to the glory of His name. May He connect you to those He has destined for you in the name of Jesus Christ. May calamity be far from you. May those that hate you and yours come and celebrate your victory with you in the name of Jesus Christ. More of His blessing, Elaine 🙂

  4. Hope the move goes well. Lovely to read your “check-in” and look forward to reading more posts when you are able to get back into it. 🙂

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