standing on this mountaintop

This post grabbed my attention. I can relate to the sentiment. What a blessing to know that God has always been with me throughout every step of my life and I have come a long way because of Him. Also a wonderful blessing to have the privilege of knowing others whose talent with art, poetry, prose are able to put pictures and words to God’s blessings on us!

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standing on this mountaintop

looking just how far I’ve
come, knowing that with 
every step you were with me
never once did I ever walk alone

standing on this mountaintop

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10 thoughts on “standing on this mountaintop

  1. Elaine thank you so much! I appreciate your reblogging this! It’s true God is our rock! I was thinking of the verse today He is near the broken hearted and also he never breaks a bruised reed! We get beat up in life sometimes and I love knowing He is always near! Like a breath away! So awesome! Blessings to yu sweet friend!

  2. Hey Elaine,

    I love your blog posts. You are doing wonderful job here. May God bless you and I wish you get more success. I love wording and picture in this blog post.

    Thanks for sharing..


    • Thank you very much! I appreciate your comments. However, I can’t take vredit for the piece you commented on. I reblogged that from someone else’s site because it caught my eye and I could relate to it. I do hope you will stop by again to visit. God bless your day.

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