NO more bullied words~Dear Aggressive controlling personal space Invader~

Well said piece about controllers /bullies!

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I used to have a habit of attracting bullied type people, pushy, obnoxious, over bearing, controlling and just down right mean people! Took me years to finally realize the only way they were going to stop was for me to stop them~and I did. These people are controllers.

Controllers believe the old jokes about training top sales people: no means maybe and maybe means yes. While this may be productive in learning to sell a product it can wreak havoc in a relationship. Controllers are perceived as bullies manipulative and aggressive. The primary problem of these individuals who can’t hear no, which is different from not being able to say no, is that they tend to project responsibilities for their lives onto others. They use various means of control to motivate others to carry the load intended by God to be theirs alone. Controllers look for someone to carry their…

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4 thoughts on “NO more bullied words~Dear Aggressive controlling personal space Invader~

  1. Elaine – Thank you so much for sharing this blog. I might have made it to this site to read and then again, I might not have. I always enjoy the ‘Tell Me About It Blogs.’ I do follow the site but I’m sure you understand how we often miss a blog due to demands on our time. I can always count on you to bring me the best of the best that I may have missed. Again, you’ve done that perfectly. Thank you so very much. Sheri

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