Can Birds Teach Us Gratitude ??????

Great post about always showing Thankfulness to God in everything. Thanks Levi! Your posts are always a blessing!

Levi's Daily Thoughts

In pondering over which bird to study for this weeks teaching, I decided upon a bird that I dislike very much. I find disfavor with this bird because of the mess they create…. It’s none other than the pigeon. I own some commercial property with multiple tenants. For years now, this building has been home to four pigeons that loft under the sidewalk awning. The 300 foot long sidewalk is always nasty in 2 spots because of them. With the building being in a major city, I can’t take my shotgun to them, and I haven’t used a slingshot since I was a kid. I wouldn’t dare poison them. If I were seen even attempting to kill them I would probably need to be bailed out of jail.

Today, I learned something very wonderful. When watching birds drink, have you ever noticed how they lower their heads, get a beak…

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7 thoughts on “Can Birds Teach Us Gratitude ??????

  1. I think birds are very humble in their ways. I agree we can learn a lot from birds, as well as some other animals placed here to show us this fact. 🙂 Thanks, for reading my blog.

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