And She’s Walking! an update on my recovery


No I’m not quite walking like this cute little doggy yet!  Got a way to go!

Several of you have inquired how I have been doing with my recovery from total knee replacement surgery on March 13th so I thought I should take a few minutes to update folks that I am alive and kicking–slowly!   I appreciate the inquiries and all the thoughts and prayers while I have been recovering.  How amazing it is to know there are people on 4 or 5 continents praying for me and wishing me well!  How awesome is that?   It boggles my mind.   Thank you all!!!

So for the update..It’s been three and a half weeks and I have been seeing a physical therapist at my home 3 times a week and then down to 2 times a week.  She is very pleased with my progress and so Thursday will be the last time she comes to visit.  I just need to continue with the exercises and practice walking correctly – not stiff-legged like I did previously due to the knee condition and increasing the distances I walk.   Around home I am mostly walking on my own without assistance or very little assistance, meaning not using a walker or cane.   Swelling has diminished a lot!  It was nice yesterday to actually get into a pair of my jeans for the day instead of wearing sweats and exercise pants all the time.  Have a bit more to go with that but it is to be expected.  My range of motion is almost completely normal as far as straightening my leg and perfectly normal when I bend my knee.  

With the lovely change in the weather, I have been able to get outdoors a few times and in fact, yesterday, I walked much further than I have in a very long time—without pain!!!!   yayyyyyy!!!    Outdoors I still have the walker but I am not relying on it; it’s just there in case I need to lean on it.  That will soon be packed away in a closet.  My goal is to walk to the park nearby and walk around the perimeter of the park and back home–About a mile and a half total walking distance and the therapist feels that I can do that very soon, though taking it slowly, resting from time to time during the walk.    My walk yesterday took me to where I would cross the street to enter the park.   She has challenged me that the first day the temperature gets to 60 degrees by lunchtime, I should pack a small lunch or snack, grab the walker and take off for the park, stopping to rest and eat lunch about halfway around the park.  That could happen this week looking at the forecast! 

Best thing is I am no longer needing to use narcotic pain killers!   I hate taking those things.  Down to arthritis strength Tylenol and resting between activities and I can now drive so I will be getting together again with my Bible study group on Wednesday and hopefully I can master the stairs at church next  Sunday to attend morning service.  Easter Sunday, my goal is to be at church for Sunday school and morning services both. 

Well before I totally bore you to death with my “exciting” life,   please let me thank you all once again for your continued prayers and thoughts and your inquiries on how I have been doing. You have made a huge difference in my recovery!  I plan to start blogging again more regularly this week–working on something right now about perseverance which has been coming up a lot the last few days in my devotions and also another subject that has been also appearing a lot too!  

God bless you all, my dear blogging friends.  Love you all!  

17 thoughts on “And She’s Walking! an update on my recovery

  1. That is all so wonderful to hear, Elaine! I smiled when I read that you’ll be back at the bible study on Wednesday! and Church on Easter!!! I will keep praying that those stairs are not a hindrance to your return. Thanks for the update and for your positive outlook on this trial!!

  2. I am so happy to hear how well you are doing, Dear Friend. I am praying for your continued healing!!! Much love, Sweetie, sent your way.

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