“Yes, I thought you’d never ask!”


1 John 5:14And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:

Have you ever wondered, as I have, if God hears our prayers?  Have you pondered why He seems to take so long to answer them or if he will ever answer them?  Do you think about why He says no and why he says yes sometimes?  Or do you, as I do, go about your own business, hoping for things, wishing for things but never taking that simple step of asking the Lord in prayer until we try other options first? 

I have been learning–if you need something, take it to God first!  He will always answer our prayers in one way or another–yes really!  Sometimes he says No and sometimes Not Yet.  He will tell us He has something better in mind for us and make us wait for that something better as he teaches us patience and many other lessons.  And then there are those times when He says Yes; sometimes with the added phrase I thought you’d never ask! or what  took you so long to ask?  I’ve been waiting for you.  

Like everyone else, I have experienced every one of those answers so many times.  I have wasted so much time waiting for other options before I have just given it over to God.  I’m learning, I hope! 

This week I had one of those “I thought you’d never ask”  responses from God.   He answered so quickly when I finally asked that it caught me off guard!  I never expected an answer quite so quickly as I received it–silly me. 

For some years I have dealt with progressive osteoarthritis in my left knee and from time to time had injections to relieve the pain and swelling and keep the knee working as well as possible; however, it has finally gotten to a point where it causes constant pain, gotten harder to walk very far, stand for very long and now I cannot straighten the leg out totally.  I just completed another round of injections to my knee but unfortunately, as the doctor predicted, it gave me very little relief for a very short time only and we discussed knee replacement surgery.  On Monday, he made the referral to the surgeon.  I immediately prayed that I would get to see the surgeon quickly and that he would be able to schedule the surgery reasonably quickly  as well.  My goodness!  My prayer was answered much more quickly than I ever thought possible!  I saw the surgeon on Wednesday and yesterday-the very next day, his office called to tell me they could do the surgery on March 13th-only 3 weeks away!  Thank you God! 

What a great and wonderful answer to prayer.  My desire was to get this surgery done and start on the road to recovery. Like anyone contemplating a major surgery, I am apprehensive and yes, more than a bit scared.  I know it will be a painful process.  However, I also know that God will be there with me every step of the way, giving the doctors wisdom, guiding their hands and keeping me as calm as possible, giving me the strength to go through the procedure and the recovery and rehabilitation following it. 

What a great Father we have in heaven!  I thank you God for loving me, for loving all of us.   To my friends and acquaintances who read this, I encourage you to take your requests to God in prayer first before anything else.  Ask Him to guide you, to care for you, and ask Him into your heart.  He wants to be our best friend and he is indeed that, if we only ask Him.   He DOES hear our prayers! 

I ask you if I may, to include me in your prayers, praying for wisdom for the doctors and for a safe surgery and recovery for me.   God bless you all. 

15 thoughts on ““Yes, I thought you’d never ask!”

  1. Amen! Grandma, what a wonderful and great testimony about how great God’s love to His children. I pray for you especially for your surgery and the doctor who will do. Many love and blessings to grandma.

  2. I am so glad you got your surgery date! How I wish I could be there to take care of you and help out a bit. I am sure you will be in great hands, though. I will be away then, but you can still get in touch with me when you are able. I have it marked on my phone calendar to remember to pray that day.

    I am so glad pain-free days are in your future, Elaine!! What a great God we serve. A lovely post, as always, Dear Friend!!!!

  3. So glad for you, Elaine! Will be praying that the surgery is successful, and your recovery is speedy, and you will be prancing around soon!!!

  4. We are serving an awesome God who knows what we want more than we do. He knows when to bring it to us. The problem is not God the problem is we human being who always refuse to go to our source of power, wisdom, understanding and protection. Despite the fact that we go to Him late, He will always show His love for us. I am glad that you have the date for the surgery so soon. May the God of healing manifest His presence both during the surgery and during the recovery process in the name of Jesus Christ. I am praying for you Elaine. All will be well to the glory of God.

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