Addition for the quilt gallery

Christmas quilt I made for my Sis.  She sent me the picture

My sister very kindly sent me this picture of a quilt I made for her quite a while ago so I could add it to the gallery of quilt pictures.   Tried to update the original story and add this but it wouldn’t work for some reason for me but I did want to share it since she took the time to send it.    This was a fun and easy quilt called Easy Breezy that I made a few times with different center fabrics.   I made this I believe in 2002 but I’m not sure exactly.

6 thoughts on “Addition for the quilt gallery

    • Awww thanks Skye! you give me too much credit though. As I said to someone else I am in awe of the people who can produce the much more difficult, show quality quilts! Now that is talent!

    • Thank you very much for your kind words! I have to admit it does take a bit of patience for the mostly simple quilts I do, but mostly time along with it. I am in awe of the folks who have the talent and patience to do the more difficult, challenging quilts and do them with quilt show quality! Mine do not reach that status yet; however, a quilt shop owner in Texas told me once that “done is better than perfect”. LOL My goal this year is to complete some of the many unfinished quilt tops I have.!

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