The Start of a New Chapter in Life


The dawn of retirement will soon be here, 12/31/2013 — The first day of a new chapter in my life!  Many things go through my mind as I step off into this new stage of my life.  Retirement means I am old?   Perhaps, but I choose not to think of it that way  (well most of the time anyway!)  🙂  I would rather think of it as just the ending of one way of life and the beginning of a new way.  I wonder what this next chapter of my life has in store for me. What is God’s plan for me?  I know that whatever I do, He will be at the center of it, guiding me and prodding me in the right direction.  I need to listen for His words of what  He wants from me and for me.

I’m excited to be retiring!  No more worries of having to drive to work on snowy or icy days!  Praise the Lord for that!  Opportunities to try new things, go new places, meet new people.  I will have more time to spend improving on things I already enjoy, like quilting, sewing, writing. etc.  I plan to do a lot more blogging and working harder to make my posts more interesting and inviting to others.  It will be a wonderful learning experience for me.  Of course I will be able to better keep up with the wonderful blogs I follow as well.  I love reading what others share and learning all the time from them.

I read a quote from Gloria Gaither recently that describes the excitement of this new chapter.  “Lovely, complicated wrappings sheath the gift of one-day-more; Breathless, I untie the package–Never lived this day before!”   I look forward to each day untying the ribbons on the package; living a new day such as I have never lived before!  Each day is a gift from God to be treasured!    2 Corinthians 9:15 Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.

I will miss parts of my old life, of course, especially the people I have been fortunate to work for and with.  I have been very lucky indeed and met many wonderful people along the way, many who have made a difference in my life and taught me many things.  But, as I said before, I am excited about what is in store for me!

I joke that the excitement will be, as I mentioned earlier, when I am leaping for joy on the first snowy day I can stay home instead of driving anywhere, but of course that is not it.  (well not totally-lol) The excitement comes from knowing that every day can bring something new if I allow myself to be open to each one.  As I read in a quote by an unknown author,  “Every moment is full of wonder and God is always present.”

So, here’s to the closing of an amazing year in my life (2013), the end of more than 45 years in the working world and the opening of a new year and a new stage in my life!    Goodbye 2013!  Welcome 2014!

Let’s pray for a wonderful new year for each and every one of us; a year filled with all the blessings God so generously gives us if we just open our hearts to Him and let Him in.



2 thoughts on “The Start of a New Chapter in Life

  1. Congrats on retiring, Elaine! That’s very exciting and well deserved.

    Also, thanks for supporting my blog this year. I really appreciate it, and I’m giving your blog a shout out in my latest post.

    Happy New Year,

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