Making Beautiful Things

A quote from this blog post that sums it all up: “we don’t have to be the best at something for God to use us and make something beautiful out of it” This post touched my heart–my very favorite gifts are those that are made with love. Though I haven’t done a lot of that as of late, I get the most enjoyment from giving gifts I have made myself also.

I Sing Because I'm Free


You’re making all things 

Beautiful in Your own time

Use these hands of mine!

Early on this Christmas Season, I made a vow to do much less shopping and to spend more time making things for others.  I made a scarf several weeks ago, and although it was not perfect, my oldest daughter told me she was putting in her order early.  She wants a purple one for Christmas.

I had surgery earlier this week and knew that I would need to find something to keep me occupied while I rest and recover.  Crocheting was just the thing!  No, my crocheting is not perfect- far from it, in fact!  But as I sit here and weave the loops of bright purple yarn together, I think about how carefully God has hand-crafted each one of us- hand picked  and given special skills and talents to be used for His purposes.  …

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