Letting SELF get in the way of JOY

How many precious joyful moments have we or others missed because we let our selfishness get in the way?

I Sing Because I'm Free

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Too many times I have let my SELF get in the way of experiencing His abundant JOY.

How many times have you declined an invitation to spend time with someone because you didn’t like the restaurant they chose, or didn’t have the right clothes to wear?  Petty things, aren’t they?

Just the other day, my husband called me while I was working and asked me if the girls and I wanted to meet him for lunch.  The girls were out of school due to a snow day and were spending the day with me.  Immediately I said no.  Not because I didn’t want to see him, not because I really had something else special planned for lunch-  I said no because of my own hang ups with food.  I said no because I know the restaurant my girls and hubby choose always results in a battle of self control on…

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