Uprooted ~ Not!

Every day I begin my day by reading the devotions that my dear friend Skye has posted. As I, along with others, have said to Skye “Reading your devotions is so much nicer than reading those of strangers. It somehow makes it feel more real to know that a friend is going through some of the same struggles that I go through with my faith, my life, etc. Today you gave me a whole new way to look at caring for the roots of my faith, nurturing them, strengthening them.” Blogs like this are probably the #1 reason I so enjoy blogging – the blessings I receive daily.

2 thoughts on “Uprooted ~ Not!

  1. Thank you for the reblog and your exceedingly kind words, Elaine. I appreciate that you are so faithful in reading all that the Lord is doing in my life. We serve an amazing God! He is healing the broken places in me and restoring my faith in human beings. He does that by putting people like you in my path. What so many have selfishly torn down, you all are building back up. Thank you…much love sent your way.

  2. You are most welcome Skye! We do indeed serve an amazing God, don’t we? As you have heard me say more than once, you are most definitely one of those people God placed on my path also and our friendship is a huge blessing. You are most definitely one of people I am thankful for this Thanksgiving! Love you friend!

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