What’s in a Name?

A lot of good food for thought in this Chris. You make some excellent points.

Chris Martin Writes

Let’s be completely honest with ourselves right now. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Christian? For me, several words surface into my thought process. Hypocritical. Judgmental. Self-righteous. Whoa, wait a minute. That doesn’t sound very nice at all. I am a Christian. I believe 100% that God sent His only Son to die a criminal’s death on a cross, to take all of mankind’s sin upon Himself, to be the ultimate sacrifice for me, so I wouldn’t have to pay that debt. I also believe that after three days of being held captive in the clutches of death, He rose again.

I believe Christians are viewed by society in a not so great light because of things said and done in the name of Jesus.

Christians are the first ones to jump on a bandwagon to protest something. It could be anything…

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