Santa May Be Comin’ to Town, but……..

A new song I just heard courtesy of one of my blogging friends. (Thank you Skye!) I wanted to share it with all my friends and family as a reminder of the Reason for the Season that will soon be upon us. As we lament the fact that even before Halloween arrives, the stores are over-decorated for Christmas. They seem to skip right over Thanksgiving and straight on to worshiping the almighty dollar before the kids are hardly back in school. Stores are opening earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving–all to make that almighty dollar! It is very evident that the world in large part has forgotten all about what Christmas really is! (I know I get caught up in that a lot!) Christ’s name is in the word CHRISTmas for a reason. It is all about HIM! It’s about the Cross! It is the Lord we need more than any of the glitter, the gifts, and all of the other trappings of Christmas. Enjoy the season when it arrives but let’s enjoy it first for all the gifts we have already received from God and the Ultimate gift of our salvation because of the great sacrifice made for us by Jesus Christ. Let us remember to FIRST thank him on Thanksgiving and every other day!

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