Call it off: Stop searching for your mission.

Interesting article by a fellow blogger. Why do we keep searching for what is already within us? Spend a few minutes of quiet time with
God and let what is in you rise to the surface!

Cannot Contain

I finally gave up.  After twenty years of searching for my mission, I threw in the towel.  And today I’m going to ask you to do the same.  Stop searching for your mission.  I know where it is.

It’s not out there.  It’s not in the books you’ve been reading.  The podcasts you’ve been listening to.  It’s not even in the Bible.  It’s not at church.  It’s not at the next mission trip that you really are going to go on this time.  It’s not in this blog.

Your mission, your calling, is planted deep inside you right now.  Waiting, maybe even bursting, to get out.  It’s not missing.  It’s buried.  Buried under your mortgage, dentist appointments, soccer games, iPads, Facebook, and everything else that fills up absolutely every second of every day.

Each morning when I wake up I grab my Nook (stop laughing, it really looked like they’d…

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