I “Wanna-be”

I came across this poem I saved while I was sorting through some things in my desk yesterday.  I had forgotten I even had it!  I got it when I purchased a piece of fabric that it was printed on.  I used the fabric in a wall hanging I made for my son when he earned his Master’s degree at Bible  college.

We all are “wanna-be’s” in some way or another–I wanna be rich, famous, beautiful, loved by everyone and on and on. You fill in the blank.  This poem is filled with different things to “wanna be”; wonderful things to be. These are the things that I wanna-be.  I know most of us wanna-be this person.   Nobody will ever remember if we attained wealth, beauty (in the world’s definition) or fame. They will remember what kind of person we were and the things we did to help others.  That is the legacy I wish to leave behind when the Lord calls me home one day.

I “Wanna-be”

by Raine Hunt

In the world a Wanna-be

is a materialistic person-

wanting fame, riches or beauty.

I want to be a “Wanna-be”,

but not of this world.

Of His world.

I “Wanna-be”

clay in his hands when He needs a new vessel

chaff in the wind when he needs me there

calm in the midst of someone’s storm.

I “Wanna-be”

A whisper when someone needs a gentle word

A fragrant flower when someone needs

repose in His garden

A tissue that dries a tear,

I “Wanna-be” strong arms gently around

someone’s loneliness

A soothing lullaby for a hurting soul.

I “Wanna-be”

a light that shows the way.

I “Wanna-be”


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