God is My Strength – Helping a Friend

I came across this verse tonight while reading another person’s blog post  which listed multiple encouraging Bible verses, every one a real blessing as always.   This verse, however, particularly got my attention because of a conversation with a friend who came knocking on my door earlier this evening asking me to pray with her.  My friend was visibly distressed, in tears and just looked so forlorn. My heart was breaking for her.

She and i spent a little time talking about what was troubling her.  I won’t get into that out of respect for her privacy, but needless to say, it was not good at all.  She is just totally distraught, unhappy and wondering why she is even alive and has had thoughts of changing that status.  Wow!  What do I say?  How do I respond to her besides the obvious–telling her NO she cannot do that!  I reminded her of my experience with losing my son to suicide and how it feels for those of us left behind.  i told her she cannot do that to her family and those of us who love her.

As we talked I reminded her several times to lean on the Lord, to trust him; bring her trials to him; that he is her strength if she allows him to be.   He is our salvation and we need not be afraid.  He will not turn us away and in fact, will welcome us with open arms when we come to him. She assured me that she has done that; however, I also hear in her words that like the rest of us, she gives her problems to God and then takes them back again thinking she can do better.     She said she is a believer and that she is trying to live God’s plan for her but fails all the time and then punishes herself.   She is her own worse enemy (her words).

We prayed together and made sure to thank God for the blessings he has given to each of us as well as asking Him to put a hedge of protection around her, to show her the way back out of the darkness and into the light. to let her know she IS loved not just by her family and friends but more importantly, the Lord.

I know he heard the prayer and is ready and willing to take on her burdens if she will let him.   I pray that she does give it to him and lets him in.   I have been in her shoes, (not suicidal) and I know that when I turn to God and give Him  my  burdens that he has given me rest.  He has sent people into my life to be an encouragement; he has helped me to get back on the right track and He will do the same for her.

So friends I am asking tonight that you pray for my friend.  I wont give her name, again to protect her privacy but God knows who she is and what is troubling her.    l also  request, if I may, prayer for me that I can be a good friend and a good witness to her and not say or do the wrong things.   I am trying to encourage her to go to  church with me and I hope one day she will do that.  I would love for her to meet the wonderful people at my church and to know that despite any issues that she thinks  would not make her welcome , she would be very much welcomed!   My church family is full of love and kindness and loves to share it!

Edited.  note to self–Do not stay up so late writing a post!  lol   Forgot to give it a title and my proofreading was terrible!

9 thoughts on “God is My Strength – Helping a Friend

  1. Dear Elaine…I will be praying for your friend. It saddens me so much when people get to the point of suicidal thoughts. I spent a brief time in my life there, and I am thankful every day that the Lord did not release me to my own devises. Just keep reminding her that she will reach the other side someday and she will find a smile on her face or a laugh coming from her lips; and on that day, the Lord will gently remind her of where she is right now, and she will praise Him for not letting her go. It will be a most wonderful day for her.

    Prayers for you as her spiritual guide right now. I know you are strong enough….do not doubt.

    Love you
    Me 🙂

  2. Thank you Skye for your words and your encouragement! I will definitely remember your wise words and share them with her! i appreciate all the prayers too, 🙂

    Love you dear friend


  3. I have been in that situation, so know a little of how she feels. As you say though, the ones left behind are the ones who hurt the most.

    Mother Teresa said “I know God won’t give me more than I can handle, I just wish he didn’t trust me so much”

    Each person has a destiny, some people’s destiny is harder to travel than others, and they need help along the way to carry on going – like yourself with your friend. A little adjustment to gently push them back into the right direction.

    With both of your love for God, I am hoping that your talk with her has worked. You are a good person Elaine.

  4. Elaine – September is National Suicide Prevention Month and you may have helped save your friend’s life by staying there and sharing your concern for her. Often times when we are in that state of mind, we need someone like you that will open the door and allow us to come in. The numbers of suicides this year alone are staggering at 30,000 American commiting the act each year. We know that another 500,000+ individuals attempt suicide in a given year in the United States alone. You were there for your friend and God’s Grace allowed you to work in her life.

  5. Sheri, thank you for reading and commenting. I had no idea it was National Suicide Prevention Month and the figures you mention of how many have succeeded and/or just attempted suicide is astounding! I knew there were a lot but, wow! That is so sad.

    I can’t take credit for being there for my friend–yes I was here and more than willing to listen to her and to pray with her, but that was all the Lord’s doing. He put me in her life for a reason, and he gave me the words to say to her. By myself I would have been thinking “oh no! what can I say; how can I make her feel better about herself; I’m not smart enough for that!” and probably a whole litany of other lies. lol I’m learning at this late stage in life that if God puts us somewhere to help someone or talk with someone or anything else, He doesn’t send us in alone–he is there with us all the way and gives us the right words to say.

    Thank you again for your kind words–they are very much an encouragement to me. 🙂

  6. Thank goodness you were there for her – the exact right person. Also – the fact that she reached out, rather than following through with her thoughts, is critical. Blessings – I know it was even more difficult because of your son.

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